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Coach of U23 Vietnam admits to learn many things from Mr. Park

Gong Oh-kyun, Vietnam U23 coach, gave an interview before the match against Thailand on the opening day (June 2) in Chosun newspaper. Here, he stated that he "didn't care about the last 0-3 loss to the UAE", and admitted that he "learned a lot from senior Park Hang-seo".

Mr. Gong Oh-kyun will have his first official match as coach of the U23 Vietnam team on the evening of June 2. And the opponent is Thailand, the team received a 0-1 defeat against U23 Vietnam more than a week ago.

huấn luyện viên Gong Oh-kyun

But in this reunion, Thailand U23 will be upgraded with a strong force of European "study abroad" players. A total of 9 overseas players were used by Thailand at the Asian U23 Championship, and they also only retained 9 people who had been to Vietnam for the 31st SEA Games.

This will be a great difficulty for U23 Vietnam, especially when in the recent practice match with the UAE, Gong Oh-kyun's students lost easily 0-3.

But he did not care much about this. On Chosun, Gong Oh-kyun emphasized: "I don't care about the result of the recent friendly match. I believe U23 Vietnam is getting better. Every player here has potential.

There are many players in the team who possess strong points in attacking play. We will create tactics to maximize the strengths of the players."

In addition, this strategist also admitted that he was influenced by his predecessor Park Hang-seo, who has built a solid foothold in Vietnam's teams with his illustrious record: "I have learned get a lot of things from Park Hang-seo.

During dinner together, he told me how strong Vietnam's teams have grown. That is very helpful. I will produce good results with aggressive, effective football."