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Result Vietnam U23 vs Korea U23: Asian Seismic

U23 Vietnam created an earthquake at the 2022 Asian U23 tournament when forcing the Korean champion to divide the points.

On June 5, U23 Vietnam had the second match in Group C of the 2022 Asian U23 tournament, meeting the Korean U23 opponent.

u23 việt nam vs hàn quốc

Underrated, U23 Vietnam actively chose to play defensively and press right from the opponent's yard.

Meanwhile, despite not launching the No. 1 star Lee Kang-in, the kimchi team still showed considerable strength.

The ability to control the ball well, effective disputes help U23 Korea to completely control the game, putting constant pressure on the red shirt team's field.

However, the rolling of the red shirt defense made the white shirt strikers frustrated.

There were a total of 7 shots created by the opponent but all were saved by defenders and goalkeeper Quan Van Chuan.

Before the first half ended, Eom Ji-sung almost opened the score for Korea U23, fortunately for Vietnam U23, Van Chuan still managed to stop.

After the break, the scenario on the field repeats like the first 45 minutes. U23 Korea created constant pressure, but U23 Vietnam still stood firm thanks to the focus on the defense.

However, in the 64th minute, after many efforts to stop the wall, Korea U23 opened the scoring thanks to Cho Young-Wook.

Despite being led, U23 Vietnam still played rhythmically, without disorder and had confident situations on the ball.

One of them caused Lee Jin-yong to foul and receive a second yellow card.

Playing more than people, U23 Vietnam flooded to attack to find the equalizer. In the 83rd minute, Tien Long left the goal to help the red shirt team level the gap.

Before the match ended, Hai Long and Van Tung had two chances in the penalty area but could not take advantage of it.

However, a 1-1 draw is still considered a miracle for U23 Vietnam. More importantly, it opens up a great opportunity for Mr. Gong's teachers and students to hope to win tickets to the semi-finals.

Result U23 Vietnam vs U23 Korea: 1-1

Score: Tien Long 83' - Cho Young-Wook 64'


U23 Vietnam: Van Chuan, Tuan Tai, Thanh Binh, Viet Anh, Tien Long, Hoang Anh, Duy Cuong, Van Khang, Van Do, Manh Dung, Van Truong.

U23 Korea: Dong Min, Lee Jin Yong, Park Jae Hwain, Lee Sang Min, Kim Tae Hwan, Choi Jun, Eom Ji Sung, Goh Young Jun, Go Jae Hyeon, Jeong Sangbin, Park Jeongin.