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U23 Vietnam 'relearns the rules of the game' before the final round of U23 Asia 2022

On the morning of May 30 (local time), the representative of the Asian Football Confederation (AFC) and the AFC referee supervisor had a meeting to disseminate the general rules for the teams participating in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, including the Vietnam U23 team.

This is one of the regular activities conducted by AFC before major tournaments. The purpose is to ensure that the teams understand their obligations and rights when participating in the 2022 AFC U23 Championship.

u23 việt nam học luật chơi

The AFC also pays special attention to the negative issue in football, warning the consequences for any act of match-fixing, dishonest competition, and asking the U23 teams to coordinate with each other. suitable to protect the image of the tournament and each participating team.

AFC also popularized and updated some important content in the competition rules for coach Gong Oh Kyun and his students, especially controversial situations on the field.

Mastering the rules of the game will help players avoid overreactions that can lead to yellow cards - red cards are not worth it.

At the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, VAR (video assistant referee) technology will be applied in every match, helping to make the referee's decisions more accurate.

At 5:00 p.m. local time (7:00 a.m. Vietnam time), the U23 Vietnam team will have the first training session in Tashkent (Uzbekistan). In addition to this training session, coach Gong Oh Kyun will have 2 more training sessions to review and evaluate the force before finalizing the list of 23 players officially attending the 2022 AFC U23 Championship.

In the 2022 AFC U23 Championship, the U23 Vietnam team in Group C will meet Thailand U23 (June 2), South Korea U23 (June 5) and Malaysia U23 (June 8).