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U23 Iran vs U23 Quata split the starting date

U23 Iran has just experienced a draw against U23 Qatar in the match in the framework of Group A of the AFC U23 Championship 2022.

Group A of the AFC U23 Championship 2022 is a rather difficult group when bringing together the representatives of U23 Uzbekistan, U23 Iran, U23 Qatar, U23 Turkmenistan. On the opening day, U23 Qatar will face U23 Iran.

u23 viet nam vs u23 quata

Contrary to the expectations of experts, the match between U23 Iran vs U23 Qatar took place quite boring. The most regrettable situation in the first 45 minutes of play is probably the missed phase of the white shirt team. The player wearing the number 9 shirt has a dangerous stretch into the ball but goalkeeper Salah is the better player in the above ball.

In the second half, the audience could no longer witness many situations of coordinated attacks of both teams. U23 Iran and U23 Qatar did not hesitate to kick solid, causing many players to lie on the field due to pain.

The match became much more tense when Qatar opened the scoring in the 87th minute. Just a few minutes later, Iran U23 brought the game to a balance thanks to Erfan's goal.

After 90 minutes of official play, U23 Iran and U23 Qatar held each other in a 2-goal match. The two teams left the field with 1 point on the opening day of the 2022 AFC U23 Championship.

Towards the Asian U23 Championship, coach Chilean Cordova's army has had 7 friendly matches in the past 5 months. As for Iran U23, they bring to the AFC U23 Championship 2022 with a lineup of players aged 21 and under. However, coach Mehdi Mahdavikia still showed confidence in the team's ability to continue.